Glory for God in Prisons

Beloved readers, it is such a blessing once again to share with you what people are doing in their respective counties. Today we bring you a person we have covered before, Stanley Shereni, who works in the Prison Ministry in Zimbabwe. The work that he does is truly a blessing to the inmates there and a joy to us as we celebrate 50 years of sending out people to spread the word of God. For an introduction to this man, you may read the first post we did on his work. We hope that you will be blessed as you listen to Stanley sharing the work he does up in Zimbabwe.

On the benevolence work, where we try to provide material aid to those in need, 65 jerseys have been taken to a prison to help inmates during this bitter cold winter. Unfortunately one of the intended beneficiaries did not receive his because he passed away a day before our arrival. May his soul rest in peace. He has left behind a wife and three children. We are comforted to know that our God is a Father to the fatherless and husband to the widows. A special thank you goes to brother and Sister Kwaramba of Avondale, brother Chigona from Rujeko Church of Christ in Chinhoyi, and Avondale who contributed towards the ministry monetary wise.

Part of the chaplains from all over Zimbabwe


Karoi prison was visited where 106 inmates were met then handed 72 courses of Unit 1 Lesson 2 because this was a new prison to work with. The prison authorities also gave permission to have inmates baptized this month of July 2017. It is such a joy to see such miracles happen in a place of people who are considered outcasts of the society. Our God does not think so though, to them they are as loved and special as everyone else. In Harare Central Prison there are 18 men who have expressed a desire to attend this year’s Men’s Lectureship in Ruwa, Harare this September. A letter of request was written to the authorities on their behalf, and through God’s grace the request was successful. This means that they will be joining us for only one day in the event. We do not by any means regard them as prisoners, but our fellow brothers, for we share the same salvation and same Father. We are also still continuing work with Kentucky, Mutoko, and Murewa prisons where we conduct Bible studies and help with recreational equipment, particularly soccer balls.

We recognize the need for help in terms of conducting Bible lessons to the people we work with, and we are trying to find a way to incorporate World Bible School (WBS) lessons into our work. The biggest obstacle before us is the financial resource needed to run this initiative, teachers and the equipment for the lessons. Our hands are open to any help from any congregation or individual to assist in this work of our Lord. Lastly, we have a sister, Loveness Shumba, who is still bedridden due to inability to walk. It is our wish that she may get a wheelchair to enhance her mobility.

As long as we live, the work of God must continue and it is through each and every one of us that God can work. We share the heart and concern of Jesus about the lost ones so that they may come into the kingdom of God.

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