ACC 50th Anniversary: What it Means to Us

What language shall we borrow to express our joy and amazement! Indeed, what words shall we use to speak of the wonders God has done! An encounter with the greatness and richness of God’s grace finds no fitting response than bowing down in worship and adoration. It is that atmosphere that is with us this week as we reflect on our Golden Jubilee celebrations and what it meant for African Christian College (ACC). Space does not permit me to expound on every detail of the event, but I will share with you on its significance.

Fifty years ago this land was acquired for the expansion of the gospel in Swaziland. The rest, as they say, is history since we today look back at the seed that was planted and has now brought forth a thousandfold fruits. It was not only for preaching purposes that this 200 acre land was bought, but also for the training of Church of Christ preachers who will go out and spread the gospel. Over the years, this institution has faithfully trained and commissioned preachers to all over Africa and beyond. Indeed, Bheki Mamba, an ex-student, said, “ACC has been like a spring where many rivers and dams have been created.” There are many other stories of God’s hand being with the institution, making a way where there was none.

It was because of God’s working in the last 50 years that we celebrated. Twenty five years ago, a gentlemen named Joy Lea Brazell was commissioned to come and close the school. Upon arrival, he saw the evidence of God’s grace and opted against his mission, but sought ways on how to keep this place running and growing. Even though he has gone to be with the Lord, his influence and legacy lives on in the hearts of all those who have been touched by ACC. There are also many other people who through their dedication and love have made a great difference to this place by allowing God to use them for his purpose. These people gave us a reason to celebrate, and we do remember and appreciate their labour of love.

President Brad Carter

In his remarks, President Brad Carter said, “Not only do we look back at 50 years of work, but we also cast our eyes into the future of more work.” The future is a scary place sometimes, but if you have your plans in place for it, it is quite interesting to look forward to. The reason we have boldness to move forward to fifty more years is because the God who carried us before has not changed a bit. The only thing he needs are people who will avail themselves to his work in the world, and ACC is that place where people are prepared for excellent service in the kingdom of God. As the event drew to a close on Sunday afternoon, the students, alumni, and Board of Trustees took the stage with the song that has become a theme song for ACC,

Thuma mina (Send Me)

Ye Baba thuma mina (Father send me)

Ezizweni zonke (To all nations)

Ye Baba thuma mina (Father send me)

I can safely say that everyone who comes to ACC has this song in their heart; that God may send them wherever he chooses to. As women and men respond to the call, ACC becomes the place where preparation takes place, for the glory of the Father.

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