Governance & Transparency

African Christian College is recognized as a NGO/nonprofit organization in both the Kingdom of Swaziland and the United States of America. We seek to be an organization of integrity, honesty and transparency in our work and ministries. As a nonprofit and Christian institution teaching and preparing ministers of integrity, we desire to be transparent and honest about our activities and finances– just as we expect of our graduates.

If information you seek is not found below, please feel free to contact ACC President Brad Carter with your request.


As a NGO, it is governed by an independent and volunteer Board of Trustees. The trustees support the mission and vision of ACC through contributing their time, talents and resources.

The Board meets at least twice annually and many of our board members visit the college regularly. Several of our board members spend a substantial amount of their time and resources as self-funded, volunteer staff for the college.


Legal Documentation

African Christian College is registered as a section 21 company status in the Kingdom of Swaziland. ACC is a nonprofit LTD corporation #R7/29938, registered under #RT/11941 and VAT #100169650.

ACC is also recognized in the USA as African Christian College Educational and Benevolent Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to ACC are therefore tax-deductible.

USA-IRS Letter of Determination (March 2011)

In early 2013, an IRS clerical error temporarily revoked ACC’s nonprofit status. This resulting our names being automatically removed from many online databases with messages of our loss of nonprofit status. This error was resolved with the IRS in June 2013. Their official reinstatement is included below for verification:

USA-IRS Reinstatement Error Letter (June 2013)

Financial Accountability

ACC’s status with the Internal Revenue Service is exempt from filing a Form-990 (the nonprofit’s version of an annual tax return), so we do not have copies of any Form-99o to share (see IRS letter of determination above).

However, ACC financial records are annually audited by an independent accounting firm to ensure our financial accountability.

2015 ACC Financial Audit

2014 ACC Financial Audit

2013 ACC Financial Audit

2012 ACC Financial Audit

2011 ACC Financial Audit

2010 ACC Financial Audit


We work to ensure transparency and open communication consistent with what’s expected of the best organizations in the world.

One way in which we demonstrate this transparency is by maintaining the highest (Platinum) status with GuideStar.  We have also been rated as a 2013 Top Charity by because of great reviews from supporters like you.