ACC is an ACTEA AffiliateHigher education accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which an academic institution is evaluated by an external body to determine if applicable standards are met. In many African countries this is done by governmental agencies and often not recognized by institutions outside that country.

Our Bachelor of Theology programme is currently recognized as an Affiliate with the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA), an independent and continent-wide council recognized globally for its high standards. In addition to our Affiliate status, our programme has applied for candidacy for full accreditation.


Latest Updates on Accreditation

August 2012

Our accreditation committee has been formulated with our incoming president Brad Carter as chairperson. This final step has led to our official application for full accreditation. The next step includes an in-depth self-study process for evaluating and adjusting anything within the college that needs to be adjusted to meet the high standards of ACTEA and global recognition for our Bachelor of Theology programme.

February 2012

ACTEA Affiliate CertificateWe received our official letter and certificate from ACTEA finalizing our Affiliate status in accreditation. The administration and faculty are working on next steps toward application of candidacy and full accreditation.

Our affiliate status is recognized until January 2016. By that time, we plan to have reached full accreditation status — much sooner!


December 2011

ACC administration received word from ACTEA to expect to receive an official letter granting affiliate accreditation status. The official letter should arrive before the end of 2011.

Having achieved affiliate status allows us to pursue full accreditation by applying for candidacy. Our administration and board are making plans for compliance and beginning work on our application to be submitted as soon as possible. The application review process could take several more years (but we’re doing our part to earn accreditation quickly).


September 2011

A representative from ACTEA made a four-day visit to our campus in September 2011. Among other things in his follow-up report he said,

“I am also grateful to God for your ministry at ACC. It was with great pleasure that I visited ACC and will be pleased to visit you any time my presence is needed.”

The report also included some areas where we need to grow and change to come into compliance with accreditation standards.