Counselling Major

Students earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (BTh) may choose a major in counselling.

The counselling major is geared toward preparing students to become proficient as counsellors in churches, schools, businesses, humanitarian aid programmes, and NGOs.

In addition to 81 credits of the Core Curriculum, counselling majors must complete the following 39 credits:

  • PSC 210 – Introduction to Psychology & Counselling
  • PSC 220 – Conflict Resolution
  • PSC 240 – Pastoral Counselling
  • PSC 250 – Systems Theory
  • PSC 310 – Theories of Counselling I
  • PSC 312 – Theories of Counselling II
  • PSC 320 – Developmental Psychology
  • PSC 330 – Abnormal Psychology
  • PSC 340 – Social Psychology
  • LEA 350 – Change Leadership
  • PSC 410 – School Guidance & Counselling
  • PSC 420 – Behaviour Change Psychology
  • PSC 430 – Trauma Counselling

The counselling major provides an integrated theology and psychology perspective to equip graduates on a para-professional level. Though it contains all the theoretical and practical knowledge you will need as a lay counsellor, it is not designed to equip those who want to open a professional counselling practice and does not include professional licensing.

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