You can join students from over eight African countries being equipped as church and community leaders for today’s world.

Study God’s Word. Serve His World.

Intellectually Rigorous

At African Christian College, you’ll join students from over eight African countries to study with expert faculty. Our Bachelor of Theology degree integrates faith and learning through three majors: ministry, leadership, and counselling. Students must meet minimum eligibility standards to be admitted. This helps lecturers provide thoughtful, rigorous, and engaging academic courses.


As you learn from practitioners; you also get hands-on practice. These opportunities include course assignments for recording audio lessons for World Christian Broadcasting, internships with NGOs, monthly evangelism missions, and teaching in congregations.


You’ll be prepared as a visionary leader of integrity and equipped with a deep knowledge of the Bible and the world. Such equipping requires you to know much more than Bible knowledge; it requires formation and motivation by the Spirit of Christ.

Married students are required to bring spouses to campus while attending ACC. Young children are also expected to travel to Swaziland with the family. The spiritual development and health of the entire family is an important part of being equipped as a Christian leader.


Our students are eager learners who also enjoy a good game of football, volleyball, or table tennis with fellow students or staff. They create organizations, serve in congregations, and work together in gardens and orchards. There are always opportunities for student relationships, faculty-staff mentoring, and personal growth.


Cost should not deter qualified students from applying to attend. Therefore, we provide generous financial assistance for tuition, boarding and catering fees. This aid is based on need. At African Christian College, you will learn in well-maintained, comfortable facilities, and earn a full college degree! Students also receive three daily meals and safe, clean, quality housing in exchange for the boarding and catering fees. Paid work opportunities are also available at various times of the year.