Entrance Qualifications

All students applying to African Christian College should be of the Christian faith and actively involved in the work of a particular congregation. A recommendation form from the preacher and the church leadership will be required to assess the character and vocational experience of all prospective students. These documents are supplied with the application form. Apply now!

Entering students must have a minimum of six passes in the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and must include passes at “C” grade or better in English Language and at least four other relevant subjects. Equivalent credentials are required for students applying from countries outside Swaziland.

A mature entry consideration is given to students over the age of 30 years (subject to English proficiency evaluation) provided they have been out of Secondary School for a minimum of 5 years.


Transfer of Credit from other Institutions

Students who wish to receive credit from accredited academic institutions at which they studied previously must submit such request with their application. Transcripts should be sent to African Christian College directly from the academic institutions at which they studied. The academic committee will determine the amount of credit awarded according to the standards of African Christian College.