Financial Aid


Cost should never prevent a qualified student from obtaining higher education and being equipped for excellent service in God’s Kingdom. Generous donors and sustainability efforts allow African Christian College to offer financial assistance to students in need.

Tuition, Boarding & Catering Fees

Registration, admission, and tuition fees total R 12 000 per year. All students also pay a monthly boarding and catering fee. This fee includes three daily meals, housing, electricity and water utilities. Single students pay R1000 per month; students with families pay R2000 per month.

Financial Aid

In order to increase the availability of African Christian higher education to more students, African Christian College provides generous financial assistance to students in need. The amount of financial aid is determined by annual applications from accepted or enrolled students. The amount of financial aid awarded depends on individual student need.

Work Study Opportunities

Students may apply to work most afternoons following class and all day on most Wednesdays and most Saturdays throughout the year. This work includes cleaning building, maintaining gardens, and labour in our orchard. Work is paid with locally comparable hourly and daily wages. Work study allows students to earn money to help cover most of the compulsory fees.

Student Support

Some students attend college through the generous support of individuals or congregations desiring to see them further equipped for success through higher education. Potential students are encouraged to seek support from sponsors and especially their home congregations.

Other Fees

While the opportunity for generous financial aid is available, students should not expect to not pay anything for attending African Christian College. Students must put forth effort in learning, paying, and participating to earn a bachelor’s degree. Financial aid will not cover 100% of the above fees. Financial aid is not available to assist with the following items:

  • Swaziland Study Permits – All foreign students (and every family member) are required to obtain a study permit. We can help you apply upon arrival, but the student must provide the funds (R 900 per person, per year).
  • Raising Children – Students with school age children are responsible for any school supplies, uniforms and school fees for their children to attend local schools. If both parents are full-time students, the students are also responsible for childcare costs due to any providers available. Children’s meals and housing are included in the family boarding and catering fee.