A Better Harvest – Sydney Mhango

It is a rare opportunity to get a chat with Operations Manager Sydney Mhango. His busy schedule makes it hard for him to be found in one place for a long period of time. So I had to grasp the only chance I could get to talk with him. It is a Wednesday evening and he is talking a walk with his family through the macadamia orchard. He invites me to walk with him as we have the conversation about the just ended macadamia nut season. A few paces behind us you could hear the soft voices and giggles of his wife, Misozi, and their youngest son, Mluleki. I feel a bit awkward to have interrupted this precious family time, so I do my best to keep the conversation as succinct and precise as possible. From the beginning, he makes it clear that this Read More

On Knowledge and Integrity – Collen Ngwarati

Greetings dear reader. We are very pleased to bring you an exclusive today from a former student. Collen Ngwarati is currently pursuing his Master's in Divinity with Abilene Christian University (ACU). He shares with us his views on knowledge and integrity and their vitality for Bible preachers and teachers. Knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful and at the same time integrity without knowledge is weak and useless. Combining these two within the same individual will produce a perfect being and lacking either will make one be like a half-baked cake. As students and aspiring teachers of the word, we ought to walk the talk and talk the walk as either affects and influence the other in “lex orandi, lex credendi and lex Read More

ACC 50th Anniversary: What it Means to Us

What language shall we borrow to express our joy and amazement! Indeed, what words shall we use to speak of the wonders God has done! An encounter with the greatness and richness of God’s grace finds no fitting response than bowing down in worship and adoration. It is that atmosphere that is with us this week as we reflect on our Golden Jubilee celebrations and what it meant for African Christian College (ACC). Space does not permit me to expound on every detail of the event, but I will share with you on its significance. Fifty years ago this land was acquired for the expansion of the gospel in Swaziland. The rest, as they say, is history since we today look back at the seed that was planted and has now brought forth a thousandfold Read More

What About Musical Instruments in Worship?

Greetings and blessings to you. How amazing it is to realize that a month from now we will be in the middle of our Golden Jubilee Celebration. We are looking forward with great excitement to welcoming all of you to our campus as we thank God for carrying us through the last fifty years. Please do come and join us. To learn more about it, you can click here and read in detail about everything and how you can register. On a different note, one of the activities we have here is Sunday evening services that start at 18:00hrs until about 19:30hrs. We discuss real life issues on under the topic, “What Does the Bible Say About,” and we put whatever subject depending on the schedule. A person delivers a twenty-minute presentation, followed by a Read More

Glory for God in Prisons

Beloved readers, it is such a blessing once again to share with you what people are doing in their respective counties. Today we bring you a person we have covered before, Stanley Shereni, who works in the Prison Ministry in Zimbabwe. The work that he does is truly a blessing to the inmates there and a joy to us as we celebrate 50 years of sending out people to spread the word of God. For an introduction to this man, you may read the first post we did on his work. We hope that you will be blessed as you listen to Stanley sharing the work he does up in Zimbabwe. On the benevolence work, where we try to provide material aid to those in need, 65 jerseys have been taken to a prison to help inmates during this bitter cold winter. Read More

“I Come For The Going” – Jordan Wesley

During this time of the year we get many visiting lecturers from the USA for our two-week courses. It is always a pleasure reading their reflections about being part of ACC, and this week we hear from an outstanding lady, Jordan Wesley, who was teaching our Organisational Leadership majors Outcomes Measurement and Financial Accountability. Be blessed. In three terms as a guest lecturer at ACC, I have read final projects that describe small village churches supporting children who have been orphaned because of HIV infection. I have read stories of communities coming together to start small businesses, plant trees or build water pumps. Students have written about improving educational access for girls and starting small gardening projects Read More

Teaching at ACC Has Been Such a Blessing

Brother Floyd Vidler is one of the popular visiting lecturers we have here. He has been of tremendous help teaching some courses, but has been focusing now on Personal Evangelism these last few years. It is a joy to have him share his experiences about being at ACC. Here is brother Floyd. Teaching at ACC for the last six years have been a huge blessing to me, one I cannot begin to express in words.  While my wife, Connie, had been here once before, for a few days, I was able to have her with me for the whole two weeks of this mid-mester.  I am so thankful that she got to be with this community and was also able to bless what I did this time. A day or so ago Connie was on Facebook and noticed that one of my former students (Felix) Read More

“Being at ACC is Not a Mistake” – Muziwababa

I have come a long way from home, travelled thousands of kilometres, left my family and friends and came to the kingdom of Swaziland. It may not seem much to one looking from a distance but I will assure you that this sacrifice has been the greatest I have made in following God. I say this because we Africans in general believe a lot in family and community such that at times it seems like we are like trees rooted in the ground – us being rooted in our families. Despite that, I , Muziwababa Sithole, left Zimbabwe, my home area of Manyikaland, with only my wife and three children, Shammah, Shalom and Makanaka, and started on this adventure of pursuing God through education. It was through conversations with my young brother Tawanda Read More

Macadamia Nut Season Over

Beloved reader, greetings to you wherever you are. It is always a pleasure to share with you stories concerning what is happening in our Tree of Life project and how different people are doing their part to contribute to the success of the institution. Since the year began, we have been following the macadamia nut process from the harvesting stage. I am hoping that by now you have a slight idea about what happens, when and why. However, if you have not been following this blog, I would recommend that you check the blogs that we posted before. The macadamia season has come to an end, and we are now down to the final stage of the process – preparing to transport them to South Africa. Although we have been doing this work for a long time Read More

The Common Desire to Serve

I have been going around the campus with one question on my mind – what makes ACC be ACC? It has been a privilege and blessing for me to be part of the communications team where I get to hear different stories from people who share their views about what this place means to them. Each time I sit down to write or edit someone’s document, I am always touched and blessed by the spirit and passion these people have, not only for their future but for the kingdom of our God. I have also scrutinized the work put in by the faculty and staff every day to make this place what it is and what it aspires to be. Believe me, there is no way you can live in such an environment and not be awed by what is going on. It is these observations and more that made Read More