The Carter’s Story

Though we never would have guessed or planned it, Abilene became our home… but not much longer!

Due to Brad’s loss of full-time employment and our desire to do our part to improve the world, 2011 was spent asking God, “What’s next?” It was a long and good year for our family. We spent a lot of time together as Brad built web sites and gained success as an organizational consultant and recognition as a nonprofit social media consultant. We are thankful to God for the generous blessings of concerned friends and family who loved us.

The flexibility of consulting and homeschooling allowed us to visit Brad’s parents in Swaziland where they have served for nine years. Because an urgent need arose on campus, we went to visit and serve—trading the July-September Texas heat for a southern Africa winter.

We all LOVED Swaziland and African Christian College. Brad’s students were eager learners and thoughtfully engaged in his ethics class. Rachael fell in love with the children she entertained daily to allow their moms to attend a special class. And the girls built new friends with the other campus children—especially Benjamin and Mluleki, the sons of a Zambian staff family.

We participated in Masundvwini Orphan Meals, a twice weekly feeding at a nearby school of 100 orphans that was led by local congregations. We visited churches and found other ways to serve, enjoy, and build relationships with the staff, faculty, and students at African Christian College.

Of course, we did fun things, too. We visited game parks—including an overnight safari in the iconic Kruger Park— encountering elephants, giraffe, rhinos, and hippos (oh my!) in protected wild spaces. (We unintentionally avoided lions and leopards.) We visited a candle factory, a glass factory, and a cultural village where Ellianna and Rachael received Swazi dance lessons.

And we wondered, “Could this be our ‘what’s next?’” As we returned to Abilene, our prayers and thoughts focused on our possible future with ACC. After extensive interviews and vetting, the board officially offered Brad the job of college president in January. We committed to a minimum of three years with African Christian College.

Our family’s adventure has already begun! We move on May 15 to Swaziland. We’ll be busy working there the rest of 2012 and Brad becomes ACC president in January 2013. We’re looking forward to the exciting new work of changing the world! See a video of our story made for our church.

And, we’d love you to partner with us!

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