ACC 50th Anniversary: What it Means to Us

What language shall we borrow to express our joy and amazement! Indeed, what words shall we use to speak of the wonders God has done! An encounter with the greatness and richness of God’s grace finds no fitting response than bowing down in worship and adoration. It is that atmosphere that is with us this week as we reflect on our Golden Jubilee celebrations and what it meant for African Christian College (ACC). Space does not permit me to expound on every detail of the event, but I will share with you on its significance. Fifty years ago this land was acquired for the expansion of the gospel in Swaziland. The rest, as they say, is history since we today look back at the seed that was planted and has now brought forth a thousandfold Read More

What About Musical Instruments in Worship?

Greetings and blessings to you. How amazing it is to realize that a month from now we will be in the middle of our Golden Jubilee Celebration. We are looking forward with great excitement to welcoming all of you to our campus as we thank God for carrying us through the last fifty years. Please do come and join us. To learn more about it, you can click here and read in detail about everything and how you can register. On a different note, one of the activities we have here is Sunday evening services that start at 18:00hrs until about 19:30hrs. We discuss real life issues on under the topic, “What Does the Bible Say About,” and we put whatever subject depending on the schedule. A person delivers a twenty-minute presentation, followed by a Read More

Glory for God in Prisons

Beloved readers, it is such a blessing once again to share with you what people are doing in their respective counties. Today we bring you a person we have covered before, Stanley Shereni, who works in the Prison Ministry in Zimbabwe. The work that he does is truly a blessing to the inmates there and a joy to us as we celebrate 50 years of sending out people to spread the word of God. For an introduction to this man, you may read the first post we did on his work. We hope that you will be blessed as you listen to Stanley sharing the work he does up in Zimbabwe. On the benevolence work, where we try to provide material aid to those in need, 65 jerseys have been taken to a prison to help inmates during this bitter cold winter. Read More