ACC Fun Day: A Day of Bonding in Friendship and Love

Although the sun was scorching, probably reaching up to 30°celsius, it failed to damped the mood for our Fun Day on Saturday afternoon. There are many conceptions about fun and indeed, fun is relative. We do not believe there is an absolute standard for fun, however, we would like to bring a definition the Apologist Ravi Zacharias gave that, “Fun is anything that refreshes you without diminishing or jeopardizing your chances of reaching your ultimate goal in life.” Indeed, what we did on Saturday was get a refreshment that did not distract us from our ultimate goal because we had ended our first semester on the previous day. The event was well organised by the responsible people – from the starting time, the games and the finishing time. Read More

The Passionate People and Community Developer: Frantic Dlamini

Through his life and work, he has touched many lives and still is to impact more. Read and be blessed through this inspirational young person who has a zeal and passion for development. My name is Frantic Ndumiso Dlamini. In 2012 I was offered a glorious opportunity to attain a Christian education through African Christian College (ACC). Looking back to my days as a student, I can boldly say that I have been challenged, transformed, uplifted and I am no longer the same. I majored in Organizational Leadership, and this gave me the opportunity to feed my passion of Community Development as well as sharpen my leadership skills. I have been taught how to work in teams, how to deal with people and embrace diversity, even that of opinions. Read More

Fana Simelane: Work Supervisor

Reading the Holy Bible from Exodus 18, we encounter a story of Moses being given leadership advice by his father-in-law, Jethro, concerning delegation of duties. What we see here is that different leadership levels makes work to go smoothly and efficiently. We encounter the same principle in Acts 6 where seven men were chosen to take care of a certain ministry within the church. In light of that, we are pleased to introduce to you Fana Simelane, a Work Supervisor in the Tree of Life (TOL). His work is just as crucial as any other for the well-functioning and growth of African Christian College (ACC). Fana is a married man with two kids. He came to us in January of the year 2010 to work as a casual. Due to his dedication and hard work, he Read More