Student Life

Life on campus includes three daily meals, praise & worship, volunteer opportunities and recreational activities.


Life on campus is full of activity, new cultures, friendships, challenges and fun. One of the greatest benefits of ACC is your opportunity to live, go to class, work, worship, play, and study on campus with students, faculty and staff members. You will have opportunities to play sports, to show off your talents, to serve, and to build enduring friendships with other Christian women and men.

A person who has never travelled thinks that his/her mother is the best cook in the world (Kenyan Proverb). When I was confined in my small village in Zimbabwe, I thought I knew everything, but being here at ACC has helped me to understand and interact with people from different cultures and traditions. Despite our differences in cultures, I have observed that Africans live as a community. I remember when we ate paw-paws served in one dish and we were seven from different cultures, it was so wonderful and great. At ACC, I have learnt that a person’s problem is everyone’s concern. People cooperate in trouble, sorrow and in happiness. ACC has changed me for the better and I will not go back home the same.  
(Tawanda Mwadiya, 2nd Year Student, Zimbabwean)

Spiritual Formation

The visionary leaders of integrity needed in communities, churches, and families across Africa must be transformed and motivated by the Spirit of Christ. We are dedicated to academic excellence, but not at the expense of spiritual growth. Faith is integrated into the learning and life of our students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about our emphasis on spiritual formation.

Living & Learning on Campus

Our campus facilities provide space for social, academic, and personal growth. Single students share space together in dorms with individual and shared rooms. Married students live in duplexes and triplexes surrounded by other married students. Regardless of your situation, living in community brings challenges and fulfillment!


Most days you can find male students on the soccer field in the afternoon, female students enjoying netball in the evenings, as well as fast-paced table tennis competitions during lunch. Students enjoy daily and weekly recreational activities throughout the year and take advantage of our recreation facilities that also includes volleyball, badminton, and other gear. Students join together for early morning runs around campus and occasionally organize teams to play at  local gatherings.


Students volunteer to serve each other and others outside of our community each week. Common volunteer projects include maintaining the campus gardens, bee keeping,livestock, and an ongoing partnership with local congregations to teach Bible lessons and serve meals to children in our bi-weekly Masundvwini Orphan Meals care point.

Student Organizations

Various student groups are formed to provide outlets for leadership and shared interests. One example is the student-led ACC Choir that practices and performs songs in various languages. The Student Representative Council was formed in 2012 and works to improve the life and quality of our college.   Special Events Students and staff regularly organize special events for fun and spiritual development on campus. These include talent shows, bonfire praise nights, watching movies, all-night prayers, and special trips to game parks and retreats. Academic Success We are primarily an educational institution so studying and learning are integral to student life. Our academic facilities include a classroom block and a new library (completed in 2012). These well-maintained facilities provide a comfortable and quality environment for learning, private study and devotion, and personal development. Courses are scheduled in two, 17-week semesters and two, 2-week midmesters in the winter. Classes are typically held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 to 13:00 with Chapel from 9:20-9:45 followed by tea from 9:45-10:10. Our Student Handbook includes a listing of all of our rules and expectations as well as helpful tips and suggestions for academic success.

Student Work and Duties

Students can apply for opportunity for paid work in full time, and hourly work. Those working in full time meets a given target every month, while those on hourly work have 20 hours per week (except during holidays). These includes all-day on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and during breaks. Work is also available most afternoons following lunch (from 14:00-16:30). Work is not guaranteed each day or week to those on hourly work study programme, but there are many opportunities year round for students to earn money though work study programme. In addition to these opportunities, students are required to help around campus with assigned duties that include sweeping buildings and washing school vehicles.