Academic Facilities

Our campus academic facilities include the Administration Building and the Library.


Administration Building

Students Study in Library Classroom

Students at work in library classroom

Our administration building is the main building for academic work with three classrooms: one classroom large enough for combined classes; an additional, smaller classroom; and a small classroom in the intimate corner of the old library for students doing advanced studies.

The large classroom features a Notice Board for the college filled with schedules, reminders and notes. It has a large white board, projection capabilities and lecturer’s desk. One of its most striking features are the flags representing the different countries of students that have studied at ACC. Student desks and chairs are free standing and are moved around to accommodate specific needs. Chapel for the entire campus is held daily in this classroom as well.

The small classroom holds approximately 20 students with desks. It has a large whiteboard, lecturer’s desk and exit door used so as not to disturb other classes. The intimate library classroom features a large whiteboard, teacher’s table, and can hold eight students with desks.

The administration building is also home to the ACC computer lab where there are computers and printers. This room is used for instruction in computer skills as well as serving as a space for students to complete work on the computer using Office software.

There is also a counselling room, copy and supply room and toilets in the administration building. This building will be undergoing renovations following the completion of the new library.



Future ACC Library

Architectural rendering of future ACC library

Currently our library is also located in a large room in the administration building. It features a reference room, librarian’s station, and two rooms with regular library holdings. The library has study stations and carousels along the outer walls for students to use for their research. Computers are also available in many of these carousels.

Friends of ACC are currently in the process of constructing a new 3,600 square feet library for our campus. The building includes two verandas enhancing the study environment immeasurably. To learn more or support the construction of our new library, please visit

Our library holdings (list updated Jan 2012; 2.5 MB) have over 10,000 volumes with many more in storage awaiting their new home in the library.