Student Facilities

Our student facilities include the Brazell Student Centre, student housing, and recreation facilities.

Joy Lea & Lorene Brazell Student Centre

Students outside Student Centre

Students visiting outside the Brazell Student Centre

Centrally located with its expansive thatched roof, our student centre beckons campus visitors. It consists of a large open area hosting a variety of activities including meals, church meetings, competitive games of table tennis or badminton, prayer groups, talent shows and other gatherings.

An enclosed student lounge is located in the Student Centre with couches, tables, radio, television, and payphone. This room hosts small receptions or gatherings during cold or rainy weather as well.

The campus cafeteria and pantry is also located here. Our head cook is assisted by students in preparing and serving three meals each day.

Student Housing

Dorm roomWe provide housing for all our students. This includes separate dormitories for single male and female students. We have three dorms that are used for our single students.

Our married students are required to bring their wife and family to accompany them during their studies. We provide married housing for the families on campus. We have 16 units of married housing. Each unit contains a toilet, living area and two bedrooms.


Recreation Facilities

Playing soccer

ACC students enjoy playing soccer on campus

Physical activity is important for our students to enjoy good health and better learning. We set aside a playing field in the western end of campus that is primarily used for playing soccer or volleyball in the late afternoons. Nearby stands a frequently used netball court and we have equipment for other activities as well.

In addition, our large macadamia orchard includes numerous paths throughout the rolling hills for exercise in walking, jogging or running.

Since many of our married students also bring young children, a playground with a Wendy house, swings, slides, merry-go-round and other playthings is located near married housing next to the Student Centre.